What is KickStarter and why we are using it to launch The Chameleon Case.

KickStarter is a popular crowd funding platform where people from all over the world can pledge to projects, inventions, and products that they would like to come to fruition.  Supporters can pledge as little as a dollar and receive pledge rewards base don the amount they pledged.

The reason we are launching The Chameleon Case through a KickStarter Campaign is because we quickly realized that without adequate funding we would not be able to meet the demand for The Chameleon Case in Arizona alone let alone the world.  KickStarter provides us the funding needed to build the required infrastructure and provides our supporters who pledge to our KickStarter Campaign their very own Chameleon Case before they become available to the general public.  Our KickStarter will go live in the month of June like us on Facebook to be update with the exact start date.

How to create a KickStarter account and pledge to our KickStarter Campaign.

(1) Click Here to open the KickStarter website in another window.  From here enter in the requested information.  Be sure the information entered is correct whereas it will be used for communication and shipment regarding your Chameleon Case.  Once finished hit sign me up.

(2) Once signed in you can search for The Chameleon Case project which will not be live till mid June.  Once found you can select to back the project and can select the amount of your pledge and the corresponding reward/Chameleon case product. once finished hit continue to amazon.


(3) If you already have an amazon account simply log in and follow the on screen cues, if you do not have an amazon account simply type in your email and continue with the on screen cues.  Amazon will then prompt you for your credit or debit card. IMPORTANT: (Your card will not be charged at this point)  Your card will only be charged for the amount you pledged at the end of the KickStarter so long as the funding goal has been met.  If the funding goal is not met no cards will be charged.


After that sit back and watch as others follow suit in helping to make our vision of putting The Chameleon Case in the hands of people all over the world become a reality.  You can revisit KickStarter at any time to see the updates we post on the progress as well as follow our social networks.  Once the KickStarter has ended we will fulfill the rewards for our valued supporters and we thank you for being one them!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@thechameleoncase.com