The possibilities with The Chameleon Case are endless!  This video demonstrates just a few!


How it Works

Our Chameleon Case contains our patent pending Thermochromic Nano Coating.  Simply put our materials contain particles that that undergo a chemical reaction that effect the way they handle light photons at various temperatures.  Our Cases change color not only based on the natural climate of its surroundings, but by touch, air, and moisture.  Imagine a Cell phone Case that has a different look depending on the time of year, geographic location, whether you are inside or outside, and much more.  This is what you get with The Chameleon Case.

How Can I get one?

Due to the overwhelming demand we have decided to utilize the massively popular crowd funding platform KICKSTARTER to launch The Chameleon Case.  This will allow early supporters to receive a Chameleon Case at a discount and before they are available to the general public all while raising the necessary funding needed to provide people around the world with their very own Chameleon Case.

It takes only minutes to sign up for KICKSTARTER and pledge to The Chameleon Case Project!

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